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TheBus, Hawaii's public transportation system

TheBus, Hawaii's public transportation system

So the other day I caught a different bus than I usually catch, and it was one of the really nice new ones with the blue interior, including comfortable seats shaped to fit the passenger, skid-proof floors and very well kept up. I thought to myself “Why haven’t I ridden one of these in ages? They’re loads better than the other buses!”

Then I realized the bus I was on was a Waikiki bus. I haven’t ridden one of them since I used to work in Waikiki. So apparently the “tourist capital” gets the best buses, while the rest of the island gets the ones with the ripped seats, profanity written on the windows and general air of being very dirty.

You would think that, financially, it would make more sense to give the best to the locals, since they are the ones who will choose whether or not to ride it regularly. But it seems, in this instance, the State is more concerned about their reputation to outsiders than taking care of the kama’aina.