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A battle of skill, not guns

Perhaps it’s because of my desire to oversimplify things, but I’ve often wondered whether there isn’t a better alternative to war – one involving less death and destruction. I mean, should a nation’s ability to massively destroy lives really constitute a good reason for “winning” whatever the argument is?

I say we should do some sort of an olympic-type competition, although not all in athletics. There will be a range of categories – perhaps intelligence, logic, athletics, or other areas. There could be debates, chess games, speed competitions, math challenges, you name it…

I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare the success of a nation on a wide range of areas? And having a variety allows some room for error. Maybe you didn’t compete so well in the math challenge, but your archer beat the pants off his opponent.

If only it were this simple. It all sounds good and fair, but I suppose there’s always still the threat of other nations having weapons, and while you’re training your nation’s best and brightest for the high jump and speed calculus, other nations could completely ignore the “rules” and come over and kill innocent civilians.

So once again, we’re left with nations stockpiling their weapons and living in paranoia of not having the best bombs and guns to defend their country. *sigh*

What about rock-paper-scissors?